Madame Purple has spent years trying to get rid of the Toy Shop so she can build a shopping complex. Unfortunately for her and her cronies, the shopkeeper and toys have found a way to stop her. What is special about the beautiful princess doll that makes all the toys in the shop come to life? And can they find a way to finally defeat Madame Purple forever…?

Pupils and teachers from Dallas Primary teamed up with Out of the Darkness Theatre Company to devise and perform this play about a toyshop. Based on an idea from one of our members, after months of rehearsals and planning, the budding actors performed at Elgin Town Hall alongside their teachers and members of the theatre company. Set in a small local townshop, which a multi-national company is threatening to take over, each of the 29 pupils from the school created a character to fit with the story.  Because some of the budding actors were as young as five, the play was unscripted, giving performers the chance to improvise. The play was co-directed by Tina McGeever and Lee Cruickshank.

magic toy shop