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Out of the Darkness Theatre Company (ODTC) is a professional theatre company located in Elgin, Scotland who perform and tour regularly through Moray, and the Highlands of Islands of Scotland.

We are committed to:

  • Social inclusion.
  • Providing educational and training in theatre skills.
  • Performing and experiential opportunities for all in the performing arts.
  • Challenging public perception and raising awareness of disability issues.
  • Committed to running an Arts Venue which is accessible to all.
  • Providing quality professional theatre in Moray.

thank_you_3Peoples Millions

While we were runners up to The Golden Garden Project we are delighted to receive a bonus award for the runners up with the most votes cast. A big thank you to all who voted for us on the day. We have received our funding of £49,750 from the People’s Millions and are looking forward to startingThe Peoples Millions our project in the New Year
Out of the Darkness Theatre Company Project : My Rural My Space
My Rural,My Space will explore the rural identity across Moray through community workshops involving actors,musicians,visual artists,storytellers,filmmakers and much much more. The project will address and challenge issues of rural isolation,social exclusion,deprivation and ODTC are especially excited to be working directly in the heart of our communities, with a focus across rural youth, rural disability and rural ageing groups.

  • Training

    Out of the Darkness Theatre Company offer a range of high-quality and dynamic training opportunities; running workshops in performance and technical theatre skills for people with learning

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  • Interactive Theatre

    Out of the Darkness Theatre Company are leaders in the delivery of high-impact interactive theatre training and support organisations and businesses to deliver creative and effective tailored

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  • Performance

    “We want the audiences to see our members as actors with ability and not necessarily look at their disability. We’re trying to change people’s perception of performance” Out

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  • Event Management

    We have an extensive network of event directors and producers, performing artist, fully qualified technical crew ond a highly talented creative team who are committed to making

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ODTC Goes to the movies

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Message from Kevin McKidd, Actor, Patron of ODTC

Kevin McKidd, Actor Patron of Out of the Darkness Theatre Company“Out of the Darkness Theatre Company devise and produce their own special form of theatre – one that can speak to all. The work is of a professional standard and the heart and soul they put into it makes it a truly magical experience. To witness it leaves you with something special and unforgettable. I’m very proud to be its patron.”
Kevin McKidd



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